About the exclusive Aurobot NFT collection

Lomakin is a street and digital artist, who created the curious and lovable Mr. Brown, whose hundreds of imagined personalities are captured in the highly successful NFT collection, launched in 2021 on the NEAR Protocol.

To celebrate the launch of Aurora+, Lomakin put his talents to work to create the Aurobots — an exclusive collection of 111 NFTs, launched on Endemic, that will be given away to a few lucky winners, through multiple raffles corresponding to Aurora+ platform milestones.

Warm and fuzzy feelings aren’t the only benefits of owning an Aurobot; every Aurora+ account holding an Aurobot gets a 10X boost of monthly free transactions!

Both Lomakin and Aurora were so excited about the results, that a very special Aurobot was created and adopted by protocol as our official mascot. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ser Aurora:

Ser Aurora