Aurora+ gives you free transactions and ecosystem rewards. But what is it and how does it work?

What is Aurora?

Aurora is a modern, Ethereum-compatible blockchain that is fast and economical. Through tremendous growth of applications running on Aurora, and assets moved to the network, Aurora is among the fastest growing blockchains in all of crypto. You can learn more about Aurora at

How can I participate in Aurora?

Staking AURORA tokens in your Aurora+ account allows you to participate in the governance of the Aurora network, by periodically electing the Council Members of the AuroraDAO — the “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” that governs the Aurora network. Discussion of proposals on which the AuroraDAO votes is publicly available at and voting technically happens in the AuroraDAO smart contract.

In the future, as an Aurora+ member who stakes their AURORA tokens, you’ll also be able to participate in the allocation of treasury funds to applications and platforms that want to build on the network!

What is Aurora+

Aurora+ is a membership program for users of Aurora, that provides a suite of valuable benefits such as free transactions and the ability to earn multiple rewards by staking your AURORA tokens. During the first week of the Aurora+ launch, users can receive an AURORA airdrop and a chance to win an Aurobot NFT.

A basic Aurora+ account is free for all users. In the future, Aurora+ will offer paid subscription plans that deliver additional benefits.

How staking works?

“Staking” your AURORA tokens is like depositing them into a vault. As long as they remain in the vault, they will earn additional AURORA tokens, and your deposited balance will grow through “auto-compounding”.

Withdrawing your tokens is called “unstaking”. When you unstake your AURORA tokens, they enter a “cooldown” period before they can be withdrawn. This cooldown period encourages people to view staking as a long-term activity.

In addition to earning AURORA tokens, users who stake AURORA tokens also earn tokens from other projects in the Aurora ecosystem, which can be claimed at any time. Claimed rewards also enter a “cooldown” period, which resets the end-date of any tokens currently in cooldown. In this way, a typical user will probably want to claim their rewards perhaps once per week.